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Take me where the waves are at Grandbend Beach - Lambton Shores-ON

If you were at the #beach and have not dipped yourself in the waves - did you really visit there?

Yesterday, I and a couple of friends decided to celebrate my son's birthday at the beach...but sometimes some ideas run better in pics than in real life! Looking at this pic below - check out the stunning views of the water at the back (thanks to aesthetically acclaimed girlfriends who suggested to place the table so we can get that view at the back). What a memory isn't it! This picture makes me smile thinking of the moment, but then it also makes me laugh when I think of the by-law guards behind us who were ready for us to take the tent down, the bees that were buzzing around our extra sugar cake (#sobeyscakes are the best if you want a sugar doze kick in your kids) and then with one bee finally deciding to hang out on it🤷‍♀️🐝 .. oh yes, the heat that was dripping down our #desi backs.....but then in the end all is worth a picture full of smiles isnt it!

Ok back to the beach talk. So we all decided to be there at 9am, it's a good 2.5 hour drive from our place - so that meant leaving home at 6:30am (approx. 220 km from Toronto)

Mind you, if you are someone that doesnt have the time always on your side (😊) then I suggest to value the friends circle who are always ahead of you and live on the clock. It just helps you keep on track 😎.

So we got there on time (sometimes I surprise myself too😂) and our friends were already there 20 mins before us! *woot* that means that the beach spot where we hang out for the rest of our day was well taken and guarded well before we arrived there. (Bonus!)

Yes, like very #desielement style - we had 3 tables full of food, 10 food items, 5 drinks variety, #kulfi , #paan , and all condiments needed to last us for 10 hours(or more?).. but who hey is there a good beach day without food?

Ok so beach talkin' now - you know, The water at #grandbendbeach is a stunning warmish water of Lake Huron. Its an Internationally acclaimed #blueflagbeach of #ontario . You can read up here what actually is a Blue Flag Beach.

Thank me later for increasing your knowledge on beaches 😊✌

So the beach is quite pebbled, so much so that it was hurting the feet inside the water too. But sometimes you forget all these after you start having fun. #blessed to have friends that I could splash water at, girls that I can go crazy with taking pics, and laughs that I can never forget.

This was my second time at this beach and I clearly remember the first time too. The #grandbend beach has gained international popularity also because of the beach quality it maintains. It is a municipal run beach and there are lifeguards on site during operation hours at the beach. You can do #parasailing , #jetskiing, #boating and many other water activities here. I still would not so much approve of the pebbles but for some reason I noticed they were only bothering me and not so much any other people around..wonder why?🤔

With washrooms very clean (and now new #COVID) -19 rules of being thoroughly cleaned every 4 hours - the public spaces could be as clean as it could be!

It has a fun kids playground, a splash pad and a cute small town and very easily walkable with some ice cream shops and roadside cafes.

Here are some quick pointers to help you plan the trip at #grandbend

  1. Arrive early to find parking as there is limited parking (I would recommend between 9-10am)

  2. Also arrive early to find a good spot on the beach as it fills up very quick

  3. No tents allowed so dont pack one

  4. Be ready - its called a pebble beach

for a reason. If you have those water shoes then you will love this beach! Easily available at #walmartcanada (see here)

5. If you are into water activities, book them first thing as you arrive there as it fills up fast! First come, first serve basis.

6. Rugs, umbrella, beach flip flops to walk around to and from other public spaces...and yes that sunscreen!

Other than all this, just dont forget to have fun and enjoy the waves🌊

Image Credits: To a generous friend couple 💙

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