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We were shark awed at Ripleys Aquarium Of Canada!

As they say, you can't take a shark out for a walk but you can walk to them at #ripleysaquariumofcanada! Yes! And we did exactly that 😊

So last weekend, me and my boys decided to head out to one of major attractions of downtown Toronto!

This was our first trip to any indoor attraction in #COVID-19 times as everything has been so outdoorzy since the opening up of the economy.

It was a Saturday morning and I was expecting a bit of line up..but when we arrived there - there was absolutely no lineup! because as per the new rules, you need to book your timeslot online so that the aquarium has a limited number of people inside it. [!] - so did that mean viewing the shark upclose? Oh yes and that also very closely!

Here are a few safety protocols that the aquarium is practicing:

  1. Encouraging to book tickets online so that the aquarium can have limited # of people inside and can control capacity. (So make sure to book your timeslot ahead of time) Click here to purchase tickets directly from Ripleys website.

  2. Once inside you will see stickers to promote one way walking traffic.

  3. Social distancing stickers which are also like viewing stickers. So we 3 were on our sticker, while the family next to ours stood on their own.

  4. Ofcourse needless to say, be creative in your masks now. Cuz no one letting you in without it! 🤗

  5. Designated clean team walking aroung cleaning and sanitizing the high touch points.

  6. And yes sanitizing stations installed everywhere!

  7. We all know the moving walkway that takes you through the shark section. Well that now has surfboards stickers to stand and How fun! My boys stood on it and did not want to move... kudos to the creative team there 👏

Eachtime on my visit at Ripley's, I look forward to the shark and the jellyfish sections. I can stand be mesmerized by the beauty of these forever.

All in all it was a day so worth it, we have never been able to see the fish and sharks so closely - my boys got to experience many hand touch activities and that also multiple times. [Another win!]

I highly recommend to add this on your to-do list activities in the upcoming months.

We compiled a fun video of our day at Ripleys - To watch of our entire experience -

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