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Visit to GROTTO AT Tobermory

Not bad for a second blogpost. I am on it already with over 100 people that visited my last post. Which means you want me to keep sharing me experiences with you, that gives me immense happiness!

So yesterday I experienced a beautiful spectacular view called #Grotto , located on the #georgianbay shoreline in Bruce Peninsula National Park. It is a very popular touristy attraction, and with COVID-19 protocols it is at 50% capacity of the park. This gives us people who are actually now starting to step out and experience outdoors some comfort that #Canadianparks are following all measures to keep us safe

You need to make sure to book your parking timeslot in advance on the website that gives you a 4 gour period of parking. It is ample amount of time to walk to the Grotto and enjoy the views like this one in this pic here. Isnt it stunning! Look at the colour of the water 😍 - take a plunge and swim in the lake or just dip your feet if you decide to stay away from water that day.

I have to admit I cannot take credit for all these stunning pics. The family I was traveling with has their own #gopro and how can you go wrong with that! Sometimes you let others enjoy what they do. I enjoy watching someone take pictures rather than take them myself honestly. So I politely asked if they would be ok if I share with ny viewers these pics and as the most amazing people - they let me 🙂

I mean look at these views. Yes, I was dressed in a proper dress in the lake - erm please give me some credit there for being a desi... How will I stand out then 😉

Now let's talk a bit about the experience. The hike to the Grotto is about 20 mins but if you have great company like I did then the hike is so much kids were talking of how they were getting the feeling of #strangerthings - Lol! Kids these days.

After 20 mins you suddenly come to this spectacular view where you just want to jump in the water. Kids swam, we posed - my boy even jumped from a mini cliff into the lake. You gotta make them experience these when they are young right!

Overall, it was totally worth going to The Grotto. Keeping my experiences close to #yourstodiscover #ontario this summer.. and loving it.

Till next time.

Love life,


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