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My first post COVID-19 dinner at a restaurant

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Hi All! So last night was my first post COVID-19 evening out at a restaurant. After calling all by the lakeview restaurants in #Burlington and finding no spot available. We opted for a roadside #kelseys . But hey you know the weird thing? Even that felt so good! I felt like I am on a mini vacation!

It felt weird to be given you food by someone else and that also hot. It was like a treat - like you know when we used to go to spas and feel pampered. Yep! Thats how a dinner out felt last night.

All chairs and tables were being #sanitized before each guest sat. I was told that a special sanitizing spray is done that sits on the table and chairs before they allow for the next group to sit. All servers had #masks on ALL THE TIME. I actually felt bad for them - it's hard! So kudos to all of you who are doing that to keep people safe around you 👏👏

This is our new post #COVID-19 life.

I just love my summer drinks on a patio. This #strawberrymojito just hit the spot last night.

I will soon be posting my own version of this recipe on my Instagram page - make sure to follow on @desielement on Instagram #desielement

Love life,


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